3D Surgical
Planner™ (SRP)

SuRgical Planner™ (SRP)

“Pre-Live the Future”

3D planning of craniotomy, head position. Optimize approaches to the pathology for Keyhole and other minimally invasive techniques. Planning and seeing, in advance, the expected “surgeon’s view”.

Over 600 cranial cases nationwide, consisting of both tumor and cerebrovascular cases, have been planned on the SRP to date.

“Pre-live the Future”

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3D Surgical Planner™ (SRP)

Pre-Live the Future

SRP_6The 3D SuRgical Planner™ reconstructs CT and MRI images/scans (DICOM) into dynamic, interactive 3D models with life-like tissue reaction and accurate modeling of surgery tools. The SRP allows surgeons to plan and rehearse a specific patient’s case.

  • Virtual Realistic & Interactive Surgery Scene
  • Plan, Rehearse & Tele-Mentor toward special missions
  • Provided with pre-loaded cases & allows for development of additional cases


Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP)

Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP)

“See What You Can’t See”

The SNAP connects to the standard OR intra-operative navigation system and enhances the 3D navigation and situational awareness.
 The SNAP uses the imported 3D plan from the SRP (craniotomy, head position, approach). You can then establish multiple views, rotate and interact with the navigation image to see behind pathology and vital structures. Make tumors, vessels and tissue transparent to improve visualization.

“See What You Can’t See”

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3D Navigation and Augmented Reality in the Operating Room

Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP)

See What You Can’t See

SNAP_FullSurgical Theater introduces the next breakthrough in operating room technology – the Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP) – providing advanced 3D capabilities and augmented reality in the operating room.

    • Connects to standard operating room navigation systems
    • Utilizes dynamic segmentation to see behind arteries and other critical structure
    • To learn more view the SNAP Video


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